Tustin - The Market Place




Cash or credit cards only.  We do not accept checks.

Items must be paid for on day they are painted.

Items not paid for will not be fired.



Items are ready 7-9 days later.  Exact time is given at time of payment.  

Items are held in studio for 4 weeks after pick up time.  Items not picked up after 4 weeks will be donated.  Color Me Mine is not responsible for items not picked up within 4 week period.  



Store credit will be issued for irreparable item damages caused by firing process. No refunds. No exchanges.   

We are not responsible for damages done to items outside the studio (after picked-up).  

Color Me Mine is not liable for any damage that occurs once item leaves studio.  

Cannot issue store credit for damages that occur outside of studio.

CMM only glazes and fires CMM ceramics.  Outside pieces cannot be fired in our studio.



Specials and promotions must be specific to this studio location (Other studio location promotions do not apply).

Only accept coupons that have our studio address/location listed on the coupon (Tustin)

Cannot combine specials/coupons/promotions/packages.



No banners, confetti, or noisemakers allowed.

Wine and beer allowed (staff cannot serve). No hard alcohol allowed.